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Pricing Information

Pricing is calculated per word, unless otherwise stated:

  • .005 cents per word for Proofreading

  • .006 cents per word for Copy Editing

  • .007 cents per word for Line Editing


Minimum Prices:

Novels - $200 (40,00 words)

Novellas - $75 (15,000 words)

Short Stories - $25 (5,000 words)

Set Prices:

Academic/Scholarship Essays (up to 5 pages): $10

Academic/Scholarship Essays (up to 10 pages): $15

Resumes and Cover Letters: $15

Poetry: $5

For larger works, half of the cost is due by the start date we agree upon. The other half is due before I complete/send you the finished product. 

For smaller ones, the payment is due in full by the start date agreed upon.

The Process

Here's how it works:

  1. You contact me through email with the information about your work (what it is, what it's for, genre, etc.) and exactly how many words it is.

  2. I will let you know exactly what availability I have and when I will be able to fit your work into my schedule.

  3. Once a deadline is agreed upon and an accurate word count is given, I will send you an invoice. If you agree to the invoice, we can begin.

  4. *** Half of the cost is due by the start date we agree upon. The other half is due before I send you the finished product. ***

  5. You'll then send me the document as a Google Document.

  6. In suggesting mode, I will go through the document thrice to ensure nothing has been missed. If I have any questions, I will contact you. You have access to the file at any time to see/address any comments and suggestions. NOTE: I will not finish the product until the invoice has been paid in full.

  7. If you'd prefer to use Microsoft Word, I can accommodate that by doing my read throughs using tracked changes. However, I find it does stunt the progress time wise, I'll send each completed read-through to you for your consideration and will wait until you send it back with my notes for that read-through addressed.

  8. As soon as I am done with all three read-throughs, I will notify you and (if in MS Word) send you the final file.

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