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Line Editing

Line Editing typically focuses more on style and flow. However, I'm here to help you get a piece of writing ready. I don't see the need to make you search in multiple directions for line and copy editors. Here, it's a one-stop shop. My Line Editing service includes much of what the Copy Editing does, but with a few additional items.



  • Spelling errors

  • Grammatical errors

  • Punctuation errors

  • Typographical errors 

  • Verb tense usage and consistency 

  • Pronoun usage and consistency 

  • Revision of sentence structure and word usage errors 

  • Assistance in sentence creation and arrangement to enhance the flow and pacing of the piece

  • Acknowledging and addressing inconsistencies in character and storyline/plot details

  • Ensuring diction and syntax are creating the desired tone of the text

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