​   1. Why do I need an editor?

As an author myself, I can tell you that editing your own work is much more difficult to do than letting someone else do it. As far as proofreading goes, I've found that as an author reads what they've written they are more likely to accidentally overlook misspellings, typographical errors, etc. because they know what they meant to put there, and, thus, will sometimes read it as such. Also, being too close, as it were, to what's been written does not help the editing process. An objective view and fresh eyes are needed to find all the bits and pieces in a work that need to be cleaned up. That's where I come in! I want to help you get your best work published; allowing me to make sure everything is as it should be in your writing brings you one step closer to that goal.

   2. How long does the editing process take?

Depending on how long the work is and because I am simultaneously going to school full time and working on my field residency for teaching, one to two weeks is the norm for turn around time. ​This will be discussed between the two of us as we're working out the details, including the starting date and the deadline for a finished product.

   3. How much do you charge for _____?

All pricing information is located above. 

   4. What sort of editing to you do?

Currently, I only do proofreading. Eventually, I will update my services to include copy editing, also known as line editing. I do not do developmental editing, because, as a writer, I am not entirely comfortable with some of the aspects of developmental editing. All specifics about my services are included in the Services section of my homepage.

   5. My work does not meet the minimum word count, but I really need help. Is there really nothing you can do for


Never say never. This is a business and my minimums are enforced for a reason, but I'm a reasonable person, and my goal is to help people. Contact me with the information about your work and we'll see if there's anything I can do for you.