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Mark My Words Editing

Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services.



I offer all three of the main types of literary editing:

  • Proofreading,

  • Copy Editing, and

  • Line Editing

Directly below this section (and above, in the menu at the top of my page), you will find the links to my pages that explain the differences in those services, my pricing, and how it all works. Please feel free to look through those links, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.




Welcome to my website! My name is Deidre Sequeira, and I am the owner of Mark My Words Editing.


Mark My Words Editing is an editing and proofreading service for writers of all sorts. Whether you're an author, a student, a screenwriter, or anyone else putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), I am here for all your editing needs! 


I am a lover of all things words. I'm an author, an ELAR teacher, an avid reader, and an editor. I have my BA in English with a Concentration in Teaching and two Associate's degrees: an AA in English and an AA in Liberal Arts. I use the skills I've acquired through my schooling and my personal experiences in the indie publishing industry to ensure that you're happy with your work and are ready to hit "publish" by the time I'm done with it.

A list of my past work is available here, and a list of FAQs is here.

Feel free to take a look around, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Thanks for stopping by!




D.K. Combs, USA Today Bestselling Author
"Deidre has been helping me proofread/edit my novels for years. Her advice, how GREAT she is at catching things, and the quality of her edits are invaluable. I would recommend her to any and everyone looking for editing and proofreading!"

Rising from the Ashes - Lea Moreno Santana
"Deidre helped me edit my book, Rising from the Ashes. It was a very tedious process, but was completed in a timely manner and the final product was exactly what I had envisioned for the book. Her accuracy and dedication to Rising was impeccable, and I trust her with any of my other works, now and in the future."

Perla Rivera, Producer at Machina Cinema & Executive Director of TRL Productions
"Deidre has done proofreading for me and my company for years! She is very professional, gets her work done on schedule, and is extremely meticulous, ensuring quality work. I go to her to proof everything from scripts to presentations, and she always does a great job! I highly recommend her for any editing needs!"

Primitivo Doria
"Every thing that I need looked over to make sure it’s shown flawlessly, I take it to Deidre she’s amazing, quick and reliable!"

Buddy Calvo, Alamo Arts Academy CEO & Program Director 

"Mark My Words editing service is terrific. In the past, I have let my passion and eagerness to get a project/script out that some of the grammar was...sub par. After the experience I had with MMW, every script or project we do will go through Deidre before anything is released!"

The Order -
Ryder Lyne, Dystopian Author
"Having worked with other editors in the past has been an absolute headache until finding Deidre. She is my go-to editor on all of my projects and the editor I refer to my ghost contracted clients. Deidre's created a seamless process in her craft and respects my voice as an author while creating a flow that is understandable to readers. The common misconception is that editing is where the hard part begins, but I can honestly say I don't have any headaches or doubts when I get to that part of the process having complete faith in working with her. She's efficient, time-sensitive, and thorough to a degree that far exceeds previous editors I've had tackle other projects in the past."

Patricio Calvo, Former Journalist

"I have been writing for several years of my life, and editing has been the least favorable part of literary creation. Deidre has made that process easier.
There will be notes on the recommendation I am making that she will no doubt show me afterwards. That’s just the type of editor she is. She shows you there is always room to improve room, to explain things in greater detail and to cut the fat where need be. She's exceptionally professional and in no way lacking in grammar and literary linguistic skills. I saw my writing go from adequate to delightful through her editing skills and advice. I can say proudly that I have asked for her keen eye more than once when I knew a piece needed a second pair of eyes on it. If you are in need of a genuine, unbiased, skilled eye for your writing, Ms. Sequeira will more than deliver."

Sandy Garza, On-screen/VO Actress & Blogger 

"High quality proofreading services! I am a blogger and struggle a lot to put my thoughts on paper. With Deidre’s guidance, my blog’s clarity and flow has improved significantly! Her notes were so detailed and easy to follow. I will continue to use Deidre’s proofreading services!"

Juliet Treviño, Educator 
"I have had Deidre help me out with two different things. First she helped work on a 5-week presentation focused on grammar. The work that Deidre contributed to the grammar workshop was absolutely beyond what was expected! She not only explained concepts in an easy to understand way, but she also produced amazingly creative examples. On top of all of the work she did for her own sections, she also did a terrific job helping me do an overall edit. She caught a lot of mistakes and helped make the presentation far more clear and cohesive.
The second thing Deidre helped me with was my resume. Deidre did an absolutely amazing job on formatting my resume! She kept me in the loop and always made sure I was satisfied with the outcome. I think it definitely helped me land my first teaching job! I will always go back to her when I need updates."



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